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Article: Changing specification of acrylic diorama stand

Changing specification of acrylic diorama stand

We had planned to use foil stamping for the talent signatures to be printed on the acrylic diorama stands, but due to the tendency for irregularities to occur, we have decided to switch to gold silk screen printing, which offers higher quality and more stable printing. 

We will be accepting any inquiries about the matter until 3rd April. 

Thank you.

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Regarding to products purchased from July 2023 to January 2024

Our deepest apologies for the long wait and lack of timely updates. Our pending products backlog has increased but thankfully we will start shipping promptly. We will be sharing more information ...

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Regarding products purchased in 2023

Our entire shipping backlog is currently being taken care of, however because of its size, there are no specific dates for each order's shipping, our apologies for that, but you can be sure we are ...

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